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Finding Happiness Movie

Have you ever wanted to get away from the problems; the confusion? Imagine a place where life is simpler; more peaceful, where you can be yourself. For more information, please visit: FindingHappinessMovie.com

A Celebration of Swami Kriyananda’s Life

Jyotish, Devi, Swami’s brother, Swami’s nephew, Asha, Padma, and Dhyana talk about their memories and experiences with Swami Kriyananda as Ananda Village celebrates his life.

The Astral Universe

Death — The Final Exam

Seclusion is the Price of Greatness

Guidance and Intuition

Message from Vanamali Devi

To all my dear Ananda Friends, I know how much all of you must be grieving for your beloved Master but if its any consolation to you I just wanted you all to know that he passed away at a most auspicious time. The year is in Uttarayanam – the northward journey of the sun […]

Swami’s Last Talk — Easter 2013

Swami Kriyananda, Our Divine Friend

Swami Kriyananda — In Memoriam (1926-2013)

He was a young man of considerable intellect and a burning desire for truth that isolated him from most of his peers at the time. It was 1948, and life in post-WWII America was a desperate scramble for normalcy. Millions of young people were seeking home, family, and career—anything that could sooth the horrors of […]